Friday, December 7, 2012

Turkey Time


Turkey - Defrosted
Butter or Margarine
Roasting Pan

Step 1:

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Remove Turkey from freezer a day or two before - weight depending.  For a 12-15lb turkey, begin defrosting 24 hours prior to cooking time
Remove the turkey from the wrapping.

Remove Giblets From Within The Turkey.

Check both ends of the turkey as 'neck' and 'giblet sack' are usually placed within front and back of the turkey.

You can boil the giblets ... the heart and liver make a good treat for your dog on the holidays!

Step 2:

Place the turkey into the roasting pan, lightly rubbing down the turkey with butter or margarine.  Sprinkle with Salt, Black Pepper

I will occasionally also sprinkle with Onion Powder, which enhances the flavour.

Stuff the turkey with previously made stuffing.

Dressing is cooked outside of the turkey in a separate dish.  Stuffing is cooked inside of the turkey.

Don't forget to stuff both, the main cavity of the turkey as well as the neck cavity.

Step 3:

Cover turkey with tented foil..

Tear off two pieces of foil about six inches longer than the roasting pan.  Fold the length of the two sheets of foil to create one wider piece of foil.  Fold at the seam to create a tented covering for the roasting pan.

Place into preheated oven (350 degrees)

Step 4:

Roasting a turkey can be intimidating.  The simple rule is 20 minutes of baking time per pound of turkey.

So, based on a 15 pound turkey - the roasting time would be 5 hours.  3 pounds per hour.

With that said;  Place the turkey into the oven ... Leaven untouched for the first two hours.
In hour three, baste the turkey with its juices gathering on the bottom of the pan.  Repeat this every 30 minutes in the 3rd and 4th hour.

In the 5th hour, Increase basting to every 15 minutes. 

Leave the foil off for the last 30 minutes of roasting to crisp the skin and achieve that golden brown colour.

Once your turkey is done.  Your home smells delicious and your mouth is watering.  SLOW DOWN!! ;-)

Let the turkey sit for 15 minutes (In this time, I bake my dinner rolls)  Allowing for the juices within the bird to settle within the meat.


A rule in my home is that poultry is put away in the fridge after no more than two hours out of the oven!

This helps to assure that your family will not become ill from food poisoning as poultry is sensitive to bacteria.  Let's keep the holiday memories pleasant!!  Nobody wants to be in the ER on the holidays!!