Monday, December 24, 2012



8oz Crushed Pineapple - Drained and Dried\
8oz Cream Cheese - Softened
2 1/2cups Shredded Coconut

Step 1:

Drain pineapple in a colander, leave sitting for about two hours to dry off a bit and drain excess juices.  Stir occasionally to get rid of juices as they settle.

Step 2:

Place cream cheese into a mixing bowl and add the pineapple.  Stir until mixed thoroughly.  Roll into 1" balls.

Step 3:

Roll balls into a bowl of shredded coconut the place on tray to sit in fridge over night.

**TIP**  If the cream cheese and pineapple mix is a bit too wet to roll into balls - add coconut to the mix and stir, then roll into balls and set on tray.

Yield 18-24 depending on size of the balls.